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premiering on Disney Channel this Sunday at p.m., J-14 hung out with Chelsea Staub and got all the scoop on what's up with Joe and Stella's relationship -- plus the details on Chelsea's real-life love drama! We also have amazing guest stars, a lot of all-new music, new romance, and a continuous storyline!J-14: What can we look forward to this season on to really give everyone the idea to not expect what they saw last year. We acknowledge that our fans are growing up with us and that we've grown up a lot in the last year, so we really want to address that in the show. And the last time they saw each other was when they kissed and decided that they cared about each other and then he went on tour."I have a really embarrassing story about him, but I'll tell you a different one." "My first day on set," she recalls, "Steven had some really, really big words to say.He had to say the words 'allegorical' and 'folklore' and stuff and he just could not spit them out. I would make fun of him, and he would make fun of himself — it was a hilarious day on set.It will take her aback for a second, but Klaus is coming and there are just much bigger things going on.” JEREMY & ELENA | Speaking of “bigger things going on,” Mc Queen assures fans that Jeremy is 100 percent on Elena’s side when it comes to The Originals’ impending doom — even if he’s still conflicted about the whole thing.“Before, Jeremy was always rebelling against his sister, but now with all this crazy stuff going on, it’s like, ‘Alright, we butt heads from time to time, [but] we’re family, I love ya and I’ll do what I’ve got to do to protect you.’ They’ve definitely gotten closer — and Jeremy’s no longer a s—head character.I think he's a character that has been through so much that he just, he needs a break." NEWS: Julie Plec Looks Back on the Scene She's Most Proud Of!Not only is the 26-year-old actor sad to say goodbye to the youngest Gilbert, he's also going to miss the cast and the life he created for six years while shooting in Atlanta.

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"I think everyone's always on edge whenever we get that next script.I think that's what also makes the show so exciting.Not only is the audience at home watching on [the edge of] their seats, but so are we.Chelsea: It was kind of from some personal experience. Then we saw each other again at a Young Hollywood Awards party, and we've really been enjoying just hanging out and reconnecting and seeing where it goes. It's hard because I think the only time [going out with someone else] is wrong is if you're in a relationship, which we weren't, we were just testing the waters.But he was caught out with another girl -- that's the night that I tweeted those lyrics. He says it's platonic, but that's the hardest part about dating, especially with Twitter and the paparazzi.

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