Sedating children on long haul flights

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Carenia Kuan from Parkway Health advise against sedation due to the potential adverse side effects associated with the medications commonly used.

Go up The idea of flying with kids is probably the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents.

Every year during this time, Luca and I travel all over the world visiting our families.

While staying connected to our loved ones is important, my stomach fills with dread when I think of flying with 2-year-old Liam and 7-month-old Clara in tow.

This mother of three never flies without Phenergan, sold by prescription only in the U.

S., but apparently available over the counter in the U. “This over-the-counter medicine contains promethazine, a sedating antihistamine.

Way too much energy, not enough patience, prone to frequent tantrums, won't sleep or eat when routine is disrupted (no matter how hungry or tired), so we're not really looking forward to this..

Don't get me wrong we love him to bits, and I know that it's probably going to be scary for him too at times, I just want to do what's best for us all.

“Long haul flights are difficult enough, and fractious children, especially more than one, can make the flight intolerable for the parents as well as others,” observes Johnson.

“You can call me selfish, irresponsible and foolhardy.

##CW Family Matters columnist Fiona Huang looks into the ongoing debate about sedating kids during long flights home The holiday season is approaching.

This woman is using over the counter anti histamine. I don't think I could, I feel bad enough giving Lo a dummy to keep him quiet! They also had prescribed medicine didn't use over the counter drugs.

There is a place beside where my mum used to live that mums used to try to out do eachother and they all used to have prams where babies sat up, so to have the perfect baby, they APPARENTLY, doped their baby up on calpol and would staple the inside of the babies glovss to the side of the buggy so their baby sat and behaved perfectly. Not saying I agree with it if I was taking my child on a flight but I can understand why ppl do a 10hpur flight with a very active child could be quite a challenge.

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