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Believe it or not, one of the most common errors that people make is not singing their return.

If you fail to sign your return then the IRS will reject it.

Only the Alliance Party proposed the measure should be implemented retrospectively to the start of 2014.

James Brokenshire said future gifts are to be published but was widely criticised after declining to apply the law to past donations.

"We have consistently called for an end to the practice of keeping the identity of donors secret and that the threshold for reporting donations should be lowered to £750." Earlier this week, Sinn Fein's leader in Northern Ireland Michelle O'Neill criticised Mr Brokenshire for taking a "crass" decision pointing to a side deal with the Tories and the DUP.So if, for example, you have some spare cash and want to cut your tax bill, you could give the money to charity now to reduce the amount that you send to the taxman this week.Claiming full relief on pension contributions Everyone knows that higher-rate taxpayers can claim full relief on pension contributions – one of the most generous tax breaks around and one that makes 40pc tax effectively optional for those who can afford to save large sums.It seems like they get a little more complicated each year and there are always new rules and new penalties you should be aware of to ensure you do not end up with a big tax bill.It is important to take your time and review each detail of your situation as the IRS can impose large fees for making simple or careless mistakes.

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