Nhs dating direct

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We employ a caring team of Sonographers from the local area.

They're chosen not just for technical expertise, but also for their ability to communicate with clients.

According to the British Medical Association it costs the NHS between £20 and £25 every time a patient sees their GP.

In 2000, ministers promised an investigation into the price that taxpayers were paying for NHS Direct after it was revealed that the organisation's then cost per call was £8.

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Exact details of the Surrey pilot have yet to be decided, but under one option patients would ring 111, ask for NHS Direct and then speak to a call centre worker who would book their appointment remotely.

There are also concerns that it could erode the role of dedicated GP receptionists – many of whom build up a close rapport with their doctors' patients – with people having to deal with anonymous call centre staff with little medical experience instead.

Unions believe thousands of receptionists could lose their jobs.

NHS Direct was designed to offer simple medical advice and help prevent patients unnecessarily wasting their GP's time.

But the round-the-clock service, which has a budget of £139 million, has faced criticism from its inception for high running costs and the limited help it can offer patients.

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