New black panther party intimidating voters

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, Rachel Maddow said there's a big difference in the approaches of MSNBC and Fox: MSNBC, the network that carries her nightly show, is concerned with accuracy. "I of course think that we (MSNBC) are much more true than Fox is true," Maddow said in the Dec. "The problem that I think is reasonable to assert about Fox and its coverage is that they make up stories out of whole cloth and then make a big deal out of them." She continued, "For example, they said the New Black Panther Party decided the election for Barack Obama.They ran dozens and dozens and dozens of stories about the New Black Panther Party, which was one guy who braided his beard in Philadelphia and who didn’t have an organization, yelling on a street corner.

Petersburg Times, took a look at the facts to see if that contention was accurate. But then, it has been decades since the commission held a hearing about the threats and intimidation carried out by an organization that the Anti-Defamation League categorizes as a hate group — in this case, the New Black Panther Party. Commission on Civil Rights — but never before to one where there were armed security guards.In fact, there is nothing the New Black Panthers have ever said or done to suggest that they don’t believe what they did was intimidating to people they hate. These were the three men who had attempted to protect prospective voters in Philadelphia on Election Day.One later testified that he did notice his picture being taken by Shabazz.

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