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The comments in the first post actually elucidate the performance differences between the different implementations.

Basically, which works fastest depends on what database object you use with it.

Microsoft Word 2010 Basic Skills Checklist for Job Seekers 9.

Prospective employers want you to communicate your Microsoft Office skills clearly 8.

The Project Web Access home page is the primary entry point for users who work with data saved to the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 database.

When you log on to Project Web Access, pending items that might require action (such as task updates that must be approved) and items that have changed since the last time that you logged on are displayed.

Once the policy is met, the computer is able to access network resources and the Internet, within the policies defined within the NAC system.I check with previous post and idea, but not got clear solution for this. It has to be wrapped in an error handler so that it returns false when it encounters error 3265. for 3 different implementations of a Table Exists() function. I knew about the d Count function, but didn't know how to sent a variable (table Name) to it. One small problem that can cause bugs: You changed the returned value directly each time.It presents a broad overview of Project Web Access from the perspective of a resource manager.Depending on the permissions that an administrator has granted you as a resource manager, you can work with Project Web Access features by using Project Web Access, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007, or both.

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