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Solution K9 Web Protection currently does not filter the protocols used by instant messaging programs such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.

This is a feature that we would like to add to K9 at some point, but we do not have any information on when this feature might be available.

"He exemplifies John Basilone."Van Note said the black and tan German shepherd has the same character qualities that distinguished her uncle — loyalty, courage, tirelessness, alertness, dedication to service and physically fitness."John Basilone would probably be honored knowing that he was named for him," Van Note said.

That's the same service obligation the other K9s and handlers — K9 Diesel and K9 Billy with handler Al Bauer, and K9 Apex with handler Dave Daneker — have. He is called when there is a missing person or a suspect is on the run. They go home with the handlers and they enjoy their time off-duty, just as their handlers do.

That obedience and good behavior could be seen when Bas and Di Nella went to the Basilone statue at the west end of Somerset Street for a photo op with the Basilone Memorial Foundation.

what does "K9" stand for (in "Cisco 3825-HSEC/K9" or "CISCO3825-CCME/K9" for example)?

In a general manner, is there any document giving signification to all those Cisco acronyms?

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