Intimidating work colleague

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This leaflet does not cover dealing with disciplinary matters or with criminal behaviour.

Trust is an essential component of good interpersonal relationships.

Whether the verbal abuse is aimed directly at you or at someone else in your office, you'll want to find ways to effectively deal with the toxic environment that you're forced to endure daily. Verbal abuse includes shouting and swearing as well as intimidating gestures and hostile body language.

Insults, ridicule and criticism -- whether to your face or secretly to colleagues and supervisors -- are intended to undermine your confidence and work performance.

Policies and procedures for handling workplace intimidation should be laid out in an employee handbook, and employees should participate in ongoing training related to expectations surrounding intimidation and bullying in the workplace.

This information guide is intended for consultant psychiatrists and trainees in psychiatry who are experiencing difficulties with their colleagues.

This information should be used as a guide only and it is not a substitute for professional advice.

“We respect the right of workers to strike, but strongly condemn striking workers resorting to violence and intimidation,” said the city’s mayoral committee member for corporate services, Demetri Qually.

The SA Municipal Workers Union launched the strike for an 18 percent increase on Monday.

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