Erin burnett dating anyone

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, CNN host Erin Burnett discussed the breaking New York Times story alleging that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump had inappropriately touched two women in the past with Trump surrogate Jerry Falwell Jr.

Burnett pressed the evangelical leader on whether or not he could still support Trump for president if the NYT story turned out to be true.

“That’s what we work to deliver every night.” The last few days have been loaded with breaking news on the heels of the tragic terror attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, but Burnett’s streak began before the massacre.

When CNN doesn’t have a built-in audience waiting on the latest developments from a breaking story, her team has to get creative.

“When news isn’t breaking, we try to pick stories we can add value to with creative reports or guests,” she said.

In that case, Trump would perhaps be the sovereign, Afghanistan an American colony.

Burnett regularly beats MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and is on pace to best it for the month of June, which would mark 24 straight months that CNN topped MSNBC in the 7 p.m. Beating Matthews might be business as usual, but the recent victories over Van Susteren indicate “Out Front” is truly picking up steam. MSNBC and Fox do different style shows from us, but of course we notice what they do,” Burnett told The Wrap. They’re both class acts.” Burnett says her audience is “smart” and “already read-in” on the day’s news.

She credits catering to her viewers specifically for much of the show’s recent success. They want analysis, they want storytelling that is creative and not what they’ve seen online all day, and they want energy and passion,” Burnett said.

Today the plan would include sending 5,500 private mercenaries to Afghanistan to advise the Afghan army.

It would also include deploying a private air force—with at least 90 aircraft—to carry out the bombing campaign against Taliban insurgents.

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