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Many had a strobe around the edge of the label to ensure the correct tempo when played.

A weekly web log in Dutch and English to share my passion for jazz, jazz-related music, record collecting and other music projects that surprise me.

The records were in both 10" and 12" sizes and were recorded by Master Sound Systems (MSS), using their "ffidelitone" system and also by Gui de Buire (and probably others).

There were a number of designs and colours and series, usually depending on the type of dance on the record.

This site is intended to be a resource for all your phonograph-related needs.

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The label was not dissimilar to Zonophone to look at.

In 1913, the company became part of the Carl Lindstrom group.

All pictures on this page are available for full quality download. Where available we have included a copy of the group photographs with the names shown - Much of this information comes from 60 year old scraps of paper and may well contain errors. And just found - here is the alternative Path coverage of the same event!

During the war, as a way to save petrol and film stock the cinema newsreels co-operated with their coverage of minor events so as here we have the same (or similar) footage with a different style commentary.

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