Dating and marriage in venezuela

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But it also has many wonderful pluses in both the people and the geography.I wake up each morning to a breathtaking view of the Carribean and walk down to buy my newspaper at the stand receiving warm sincere greetings from everyone I meet on the way.They expect them to periodically leave them at home and go out drinking all night with their mates, wind up at a brothel, and come home in a mess the next day.Then they will have an insane shouting match where things get thrown about, she ends up in a huff and he goes out on the piss again.Eventually they will make up, and they will be so in love it will make you sick until the next time he goes out to screw hookers.When a Venezuelan girl doesn’t get this from her foreign boyfriend she will be very surprised and will either ask to marry you on the spot, or spend months trying to figure out why she isn’t being taken for granted.They grew up with music and have rhythm in their blood.

Finding Venezuelan women for marriage or dating has never been easier.

This country is not like my home, but then I do not expect it to be.

Yes it does have it's faults, but so does every other country on God's green earth.

My kind of clothes are modern with a little touch of conservative. I am very strong, I like being like this, My name is Rafael Perez, I am from Caracas-Venezuela, 40 years old.

I like getting up and running, I love to be in the Sea and beach!

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